Reader Comments: Public Sewer Or Public Service?

This week’s ‘Navel Gazing: The Valley Indy Podcast’ hits close to home.

We discuss online comments with Marie K. Shanahan, author of the just-released academic tome “Journalism, Online Comments, and the Future of Public Discourse.”

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Shanahan is an assistant professor of journalism at the University of Connecticut.

Some nuggets from Shanahan’s book:

  • “Sociopolitical elites,” including people in power or people trying to obtain power, are most likely to complain about comments made on a story.
  • Fun fact: a study showed a story without reader comments was perceived as impartial. Throw in reader comments, and the story went from viewed as impartial to biased.

Prior to teaching at UConn, Shanahan was a reporter and web editor at The Hartford Courant.

She currently serves on the non-profit board of directors of the Connecticut Health Investigative Team, Connecticut Foundation for Open Government and The Connecticut News Project (The CT Mirror).


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