Recount Affirms Petrino’s Win In Derby’s Second Ward

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO There was a change in the final numbers but no change in outcome after a recount the Second Ward Aldermen’s race.

There were three spots available for six candidates.

The recount was triggered because just six votes separated the third and fourth place candidates (Republican candidate Jim Petrino and Democratic incumbent Art Gerckens) on Election Day.

The following results were released after the 135-minute recanvassing in Derby City Hall:

Bold denotes winners.

Ron Sill: 503 votes

Joe DiMartino: 471 votes

Jim Petrino: 426 votes

Art Gerckens: 416

Evelyn Browning: 376

Robert Forte: 338

An inauguration ceremony for the full slate of Derby elected officials is being planned for Saturday, Dec. 2.

“Obviously I’m very pleased with the outcome. I really appreciate the time everybody put in today to make sure the process was done correctly,” Petrino said. “I look forward to serving the city.”

Petrino, 54, has lived in Derby for 40 years.

He and his wife Sabrina have two sons.

Peter plays hockey for Post University while James volunteers at Storm Ambulance and Rescue Co. in Derby.

Petrino was a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army. He flew medevac (medical evacuation) helicopters while serving in Iraq.

He works as a quality supervisor at Sikorsky for the same helicopters he flew in Iraq.

Gerckens was first elected to the Derby Board of Aldermen in 2011. He was trying for his fourth two-year term.

Click here for his reaction to the recount.

He initially ran for office after being a key player in a successful effort to prevent the St. Mary-St. Michael School from closing.

He was an independent voice on the board, often clashing with his fellow Democrats.

Gerckens was the only member of the Board of Aldermen to support Mayor Anita Dugatto when she faced a primary challenge in September from Aldermanic President Carmen DiCenso.

The results from Election Day were as follows:

Ronald Sill — D (incumbent) 506
Joseph DiMartino — D (incumbent) 476
Jim Petrino — R 427
Arthur Gerckens — D (incumbent) 421
Evelyn Browning — R 377
Robert Forte — R 338

Election – 2017 – Recanvas of Ward 2 by The Valley Indy on Scribd

The Valley Indy streamed the recount live on Facebook Tuesday.

The video is posted below:


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