Resident: Derby Needs Help, Now

Today I received the latest mailing from Mayor Dugato. The very first statement she quotes a statement from Candidate Richard Dziekan.

“I don’t think I ever said I was going to cut taxes immediately” her response “The first thing I plan on doing is developing a plan!” Well Mayor Dugato you have had “FOUR YEARS” to do just that. Your saying you haven’t done it yet? You also say you have a plan to move Derby forward! Well we’ve been waiting “FOUR” years for you to implement that plan.
What are you waiting for? Another election?

Now I’m confused. You stated this the last two elections that you won by a very slim margin of votes. The last 112 to be exact. Are you going to try to get into office again and save this plan for another election?

You also stated you increased Derby’s tax base with 30 new businesses. The Stafferi administration started the frame work for this. You just came along for the ride. You honestly can’t claim responsibility. That is misleading to your constituents of Derby.

You failed to mention that the 30 new business, that don’t provide a decent living wage to base line employee’s fail to make up for all the business Derby has lost!

1)Walmart – moved employee’s to Shelton

2) Adams Market – same plaza

3) Life Touch

4) Housatonic Lumber

5) China Buffet

6) The vacant cigar store in the Pershing Drive plaza. You know the one with the gang graffiti on the steel security door.

7) The circuit breaker company at the bottom of Hawkins St

8) Dworkin Chevrolet – replace by a less paying private car dealership.

The list goes on. Your claims of building Derby’s tax base is completely irrelevant when your losing business faster than you can bring it in.

Maybe some idea’s from Ansonia and Shelton is exactly what Derby needs. Shelton is building a new plaza across from Split Rock Plaza with a very big for lease sign in front.

When new business scouts out the valley, Derby and Shelton why would they consider Derby when Shelton has everything the company and employee’s need. And may I add that a lot of the business Shelton has added offer a goof living wage to assist in supporting a family.

You have done absolutely nothing for Derby in your two terms so far except increase taxes and the WPCA bill. All for what appears to be a dream of yours that at the present rate doesn’t seem to be coming true.

You said the remaining Main St buildings will be down with in 90 days. Yet a week later that deadline is extended to March.

You pride yourself on adding LED Lighting to Downtown Derby. Yet fail to address the crime on Anson and surrounding streets.

The Parking Garage was running in the black until you dissolved the authority to better manage it. How did that work.

Mayor you can’t keep feeding the residents of Derby your failed Dreams. We need help now. Not at another election.

Carl Lovisolo

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