Sen. Chris Murphy And Jim Gildea Talk Train Line’s Money Problems

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy and Jim Gildea talk train service funding problems in the latest episode of “Navel Gazing,” The Valley Indy’s weekly talk show.

Gildea, a Derby resident, is chairman of the Connecticut Commuter Rail Council.

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Ladies and gentlemen, train service in the Naugatuck Valley is in trouble.

Because of state budget problems, riders of the local Waterbury branch of the Metro North train line face both a reduction in service and a fare hike.

It’s bad news for the Waterbury branch, which already features limited and sometimes problem-plagued service.

Here’s a headline from the NY TIMES on Feb. 1: “Connecticut’s Deficit Could Put Some Weekend Trains at Risk.”

Here’s a paragraph from The Republican-American via The Citizen’s News website on Feb 26:

“Unless the state finds new sources of revenue, the DOT will have to cut back weekend and off-peak service on the rail line — which runs seven trains a day between Waterbury and Bridgeport — and cancel plans to spend $8 million on new trains.”

Evidence from the Rep-Am via Citizen’s News that we’re living in the upside-down world:

“The DOT is spending $70 million to signalize the railroad and add passing sidings, along with Positive Train Control, a system that can automatically slow or stop a train to prevent a collision. But where to obtain the money to maintain existing service remains an open question.”

Click play to listen to Murphy and Gildea discuss, in separate interviews, the problems and possible solutions.


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