Seymour FD: Hydrants Are Not Play Things

The Seymour Fire Department is reminding residents that fire hydrants are not toys.

The reminder comes after someone put clothes and a baseball cap on a hydrant on Meadow Street, according to a FD Facebook post July 8.

The hydrant was covered with a gray long-sleeve shirt of some kind and an Angels hat.

The cap was marked “Brian F” under the bill (see photo below).

“It is not a laughing matter to dress up a fire hydrant,” Seymour Fire Department Chief Michael Lombardi wrote on Facebook. “As a matter fact it’s a safety issue and illegal. By messing around with a fire hydrant, it delays us from putting water on the fire. It puts the firefighters at risks and also the residence of this community. If you are going to mess around with the hydrant, I suggest not leaving your name in your clothes.”


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