Shelton Students Honored

CONTRIBUTEDFour very accomplished Shelton students were recognized at an awards ceremony for six regional districts on Dec. 1 and received the prestigious Superintendent’s Award (aka the CAPSS Award, Connecticut Association of Public Schools Superintendents organization est. 1907).

Two Shelton High School Seniors, (left to right in photo) Madelena Da Silva Cardoso and Anand Vaish, and two Shelton Intermediate School eighth grade students, Connor Jensen and Jessica Jayakar, rose to the top of the more than 400 students in their respective grades.

Nominated by their teachers and evaluated by special committee, these four students have demonstrated the most admirable qualities of scholastic achievement, personal development in and out of school, as well as exemplary community service.

They have been lauded as role models for their peers and beacons of leadership for future generations. Dr. Christopher Clouet, Shelton’s superintendent was proud to be with them and their families at this elegant event.

“These are young people who should make the entire community feel confident in our future,” Clouet said.

Shelton High School’s Jazz Band provided top-notch entertainment for the evening.

CAPSS, the statewide school superintendents’ professional organization, is based in West Hartford and provides professional development, personal support, statewide conferences, legislative information, and educational services to its membership. CAPSS Superintendent/Student Award Recognition Program was developed to strengthen the relationship between students and school administrators.


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