Smash And Grab Burglary In Seymour

Someone busted into Valley Coins in Seymour before dawn and stole two large coffee cans each half-filled with silver Canadian coins.

Owner Edward Zehall wants anyone who spotted the loot to call the Seymour Police Department at (203) 881-7600.

Valley Coins is at 37 New Haven Road in the Seybridge Plaza.

Zehall said someone smashed a window on the North Street side of his business sometime between 8:15 p.m. Wednesday and 5 a.m. Thursday. The double-window was reinforced with chicken wire, but that didn’t stop the smash and grabber from grabbing the coins.

No witnesses have stepped forward. Zehall said it had been snowing, which probably limited the number of motorists passing by, and the North Street side of the business is less traveled.

Zehall said the suspect or suspects didn’t fully enter the store. Instead, the person or persons basically leaned into the store to grab the stuff.

Zehall said Seymour police notified area police departments. He contacted a competing coin store in Fairfield County to alert them of the crime.

“The police have their network and we have ours,” Zehall said. Pawn shops should also be on the lookout.

The coins were from 1966 and earlier. The value lies in the silver.

Zehall has been in business in Seymour for 19 years. The store was burglarized once before in 2003. That thief was never caught.