Two Men, Dog, Rescued From Wooster Island

Two men and a dog became stranded on an island in the frigid Housatonic River Friday morning after their boat motor died.

The men were able to paddle their boat to Wooster Island — a narrow piece of land in the river between Milford and Shelton — and call police for help.

When water rescue teams from the Shelton Fire Department arrived at the island, the men had just been able to start the motor again, Assistant Fire Chief Nick Verdicchio said.

Firefighters towed the boat to shore as a precaution, Verdicchio said. Verdicchio said Shelton EMS was on scene to treat the men, but neither had any injuries.

“Thank God it turned out to be a pick up and not a rescue,” Verdicchio said. “And we got a little practice.”

The incident happened at about 9:30 a.m.

“Water rescues are more common in the warm weather when there’s more boating,” Verdicchio said. “But we have immersion suits so the guys can get out there and get in the water without freezing to death.”

It was about 22 degrees in Shelton Friday morning when the fire fighters made the rescue.

Firefighters said the men were wearing camouflage and appeared to be hunting ducks, which is a permitted activity in the area according to DEP officials.


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