Valley Indy News Will Be Tougher To Find On Facebook

Photo by C Flanigan/WireImage Things change.

So you’ll probably be seeing a lot less Valley Indy news in your Facebook feed thanks to changes the social media giant announced Thursday.

People find news stories in different ways.

If you find our stories by simply visiting Facebook and looking through your personal news feed, you’re probably never going to see us again.

But here are steps you can take to keep seeing our stuff.

1. Visit direct. It’s where we publish stories first. If you make a habit of visiting it, you’ll see everything we publish.

2. Visit direct. If you make a habit of visiting it, you’ll see everything we publish.

3. Go to, even if you already follow or “like” us. Look for the “following” option at the top of the page (it’s usually near the “like” button) and choose “see first.”

4. Visit Seriously, that’s the best option. Cut out the middle man.

Big thanks to the Valley Indy readers who pointed out no. 3 as an option after we posted about the changes on our Facebook page. Your support is truly appreciated. I cannot stress that enough.

Now, why is Facebook doing this?

I dunno. I’m just a guy trying to raise a family in Derby.

Click here for people who know something.

I will tell you that Facebook is, by far, let me repeat that — BY FAR — our single biggest source of readers.

Our Facebook page is the 2018 version of a newspaper carrier. Facebook is our distribution system, our marketing arm, our Rolodex.

We didn’t plan it. It just happened after launching in 2009.

And Facebook has been great to us, since we have no money to distribute, market or advertise our content.

But Facebook decides what you see on Facebook — not us. So it obviously has disadvantages.

All that being said — it could turn out we’ve already done the work needed to keep our Facebook audience as things change. People comment often, which the Facebook robots seem to like, from what I’ve read.

So keep reading, keep commenting, keep sharing, keep liking, keep listening, and keep watching.

And visit more often.


Thank you!

Eugene Driscoll


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