Video: Bear Spotted In West Derby

Derby resident Ray Bowers took this video after spotting a bear in his neighbor’s yard on Silver Hill Road in west Derby.

Click play to watch.

The Valley Indy slowed the video down to get a better look, and we added music because we’re cheesy like that.

The bear made an appearance the day after a bad storm ripped through the area, leaving that part of Derby without electricity.

In an email, Bowers said he was heading out to get coffee when he spotted the bear on Rick Dunne’s property, so he drove up Dunne’s driveway for a closer look.

Bowers said he spotted a bear in the area this time last year — but the one he saw Wednesday was much larger.

“I really didn’t want to get out of the car when I saw how big he was. I did not see any tag in his ear and I was close enough,” Bowers said.

Black bear sightings are not uncommon, especially in that part of Derby, which is dominated by Osbornedale State Park.

Derby’s had four bear sightings reported to state environmental officials in the past year. Neighboring Ansonia had two, Seymour 12, Shelton 4, and 32 in Oxford.

Take your bird feeders down, and leave the bears alone, OK?


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