Video: Derby Planning And Zoning Commission Meeting

The members of the Derby Planning and Zoning Commission had a busy night Tuesday.

They held a public hearing on a number of proposed zone changes for the central business district and the industrial properties along Roosevelt Drive. The commission did not vote on the changes, which have been in the planning stages for about two years. A vote could happen in May.

And they talked in general about an idea to convert Marshall Lane Manor, a former nursing home, into a dorm for high school kids from overseas who are studying in the U.S. That type of use isn’t allowed at this point. Commissioners could talk about it again next month. A formal application has not been filed, so details are very preliminary.

And the commissioners approved two new small businesses for downtown Derby.

Sugar ‘n Spice Bakery got a green light to use the kitchen at St. Mary’s Church on Elizabeth St. It’s a one-employee business that will take bakery orders online and on the phone, then fill the orders in the kitchen. It’s not a stop-in shop, so no traffic or related impacts are suggested.

Talisman, a New Age store, will be taking over a store front at 21 Minerva St., not far from Derby City Hall. The store has been in Monroe for years, but will be closing that shop to move to Derby.

The Valley Indy streamed Tuesday’s meeting live on Facebook.

Click the play button on the video to watch. You may need to click the sound button for sound.

The video above had 1,800 views by 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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