Video, 911 Call Detail Ansonia Pit Bull Shooting

Video surveillance from a Judson Place home shows that a 1-year-old pit bull was standing still and wagging his tail when an Ansonia police officer shot him on March 3.

Police this week said it’s what happened off camera that prompted Officer Jonathan Troesser to shoot the pit bull, named Ice.


Ansonia police shot Ice in the front yard of his home on Judson Place the night of March 3.

Police officers were responding to the report of a dog attack and roaming pit bull. In the 911 call, a resident said the dog had “chewed up” a person, and was loose.

When they arrived on scene, Ice was the only pit bull roaming. The dog was in the woods behind his owner’s home.

The backyard is fenced in on three sides. The fourth side is enclosed by an embankment.

Ice was able to get out of the yard by jumping up the embankment and down into a neighbor’s yard.

Ansonia police said the dog charged at them, and showed “extremely aggressive behavior.” A police report for the incident said Ice was running back and forth and couldn’t be contained by police.

But Ice was not the dog that bit the man. That dog — a mastiff named Zeus — was still inside the home, where the attack took place.

Police Chief Kevin Hale said the police officers at the scene were “faced with a rapidly evolving situation” and they had to base their actions on the information they were provided in the 911 call.

“Their actions should be judged by what they knew to be true at the exact moment in time, not what was learned later,” Hale said.

Click play on the video to hear the 911 call. Article continues after video.

A press release with department’s full statement is posted at the end of this article.

The Video

The dog’s owner, Racquel Trapp, agreed to be interviewed after the Valley Independent Sentinel found out about the incident through a Facebook page she made, called “Justice for Ice.”

On Wednesday, Trapp showed a Valley Indy reporter surveillance footage from her front porch recorded the day of the shooting.

Trapp and her husband, Paul Trapp, showed three camera angles of the incident. The videos do not have any audio.

Click play on the video at the top of this story to see a 16-second clip, which shows the moment the dog is shot, the family released to the Valley Indy.

The front yard and some of the street is visible in the videos. At about 5:30 p.m., police officers arrive at the residence, according to the videos.

The video shows officers retrieving a “snare” from the police cars to try to catch the dog.

FILESeveral minutes later, Ice can be seen running in the front yard, and stopping at the property line near the sidewalk — apparently barking at the police officers standing in the street.

He gets closer to the officers, but doesn’t leave the sidewalk.

Then Ice goes back onto the front yard. As Ice stands barking, his tail is wagging.

Right before Ice is shot, he was standing still on the front lawn, facing the opposite direction from the officers. He turns to face officers and appears to bark again, without moving from the spot where he was standing. His tail is wagging.

Then he is shot.

The bullet hits Ice in the side. He jumps in the air, and darts off screen.

The Police Report

What the video does not show, according to Animal Control Officer Jean Roslonowski, is the crowd of neighbors, children, and other pets that were gathered around to watch the scene.

The video also does not show the area behind the house, where Ice was running around scaring other residents and dogs, Roslonowski said.

“They (officers) felt they could not get near the dog to snare him because of the way the dog was running around,” Roslonowski said. “Knowing one person was in the hospital, they could not take a chance.”

Roslonowski said that tail wagging can mean a dog is happy, but it can also mean it is “aggressively waiting.”

“Just because the dog is wagging its tail does not mean it’s a friendly dog,” Roslonowski said.

Police on Thursday provided the Valley Independent Sentinel with a copy of the police report from the incident.

Article continues after document.

Ansonia Pit Bull Report

The report, written by Officer Jonathan Troesser, says the officers on scene determined they should shoot the dog based on their failed attempts to corral the dog.

“The white pit bull came charging towards me and was barking aggressively,” the report states. “I backed off of the yard and stepped back into the street. The dog stopped on the grass as I pulled out my department issued HK USP 45 pistol.”

“The dog continued to act in an aggressive manner towards myself and the other officers on scene,” Troesser wrote. “He would continue to run back and forth to both sides of the residence and behind the neighboring houses as well. Each time we attempted to approach the dog, it would charge at us barking and growling.”

Troesser said the dog showed “extremely aggressive behavior” and that it appeared there was no way for police to apprehend the dog.

“Based upon the actions of the dog, I knew that myself and my fellow officers were at risk of being attacked by the dog,” Troesser wrote. “Other area residents that were outside of the yards were also at risk and I deemed it necessary to dispatch the dog.”

Troesser said he waited for the dog to stop in the front yard, “where there was a safe backstop to discharge my pistol.”


Trapp said she is devastated by the shooting.

“They shot my little 40-pound Ice,” Trapp said. “This dog has never growled in his life.”

Ice was a rescue dog, and was deaf, according to Trapp. She said he was training to become a therapy dog that would volunteer at local hospitals.

Trapp described Ice as a calm dog, who would allow her to dress him up in costumes and paint his nails. She said he got along with children and other dogs.

While Trapp initially planned to help find Ice a home, she decided to keep him once she realized how lovable he was, she said.

The animal community was outraged by the shooting — saying it was prompted by misconceptions about pit bulls.

A march is planned for May 20 in Ansonia, where people angered by the incident plan to march past the Ansonia Police Department in protest of the shooting.

Trapp and her husband said they do not plan to file a complaint or sue the department.

While they feel the shooting was wrong, the family said they want Ansonia police officers to get more training in handling dogs.

‘The Canine Language’

Trapp hopes Jeff Coltenback, a dog trainer and “behaviorist” in New Jersey, will teach the training course — assuming Ansonia police agree to it.

Coltenback said he developed a program in response to a pit bull that was shot in New Jersey last year, and the shooting in Ansonia this month.

“When this happened to Ice, that whole night and whole day, I started sitting around thinking of how I can help,” Coltenback said.

The training program would help inform police departments about different dog behaviors, how to read canine body language, how to read dogs that are missing their ears or tails, and their vocal communication.

Coltenback has already talked with departments in New Jersey about the program, and said he would be willing to bring the training to Ansonia for free.

Roslonowski said he might do better to train animal owners.

“Really, if people want to become rescue people they need to have training so they don’t bring these potentially dangerous dogs into their homes,” Roslonowski said.

The Other Dog

Trapp’s brother, Steed Kaliszewski, was the man who was bit by the mastiff.

Kaliszewski said the dog attacked him while he was dog-sitting for Trapp. Trapp and her husband were in New Jersey checking on another pit bull rescue.

Kaliszewski was able to get out of the house and ask a neighbor for help. He went to Griffin Hospital, and while he was gone, Ice was able to get out of the house.

Because the biting happened to a family member in a private home, police did not issue a ticket to the Trapps.

Zeus was placed in quarantine for a week, and is still living at the Trapp residence on Judson Place.

Myrtle Ave Dog Call


posted by: Jane Clarke on March 25, 2012  10:29pm

Why is so much of the taxpayer’s money being wasted on something as insignificant as a pit bull? The only person responsible for this shooting is the dog’s owner who failed to control and contain it. As for the wagging tail, I witnessed two pit bulls attack a carriage horse and all the time they were biting, ripping and tearing the horse apart, they were wagging their tails and they were still “wagging” when they turned and charged a man who ran out of his house with a gun and shot one of them. The officer did the right thing because now there is one less 4-legged shark to terrorize the neighborhood. Officers do not need a “course” in how to deal with dogs, pit bull owners need a “course” in how to control and contain their monsters.

posted by: Samantha Rose on March 25, 2012  11:31pm

Jane Clarke, please educate yourself. Did you not read the article? The owners were away from the house, the brother was watching the dogs and while he was at the hospital Ice got out. The brother did not secure the house properly most likely because another dog of a different breed attacked him. There are breeds that top the bite list that are considered well mannered, family dogs. You are misinformed and ignorant. The only monsters I see are you and people who train their Pits for the wrong reasons and give the rest a bad name. Lastly, the article says “What the video does not show, according to Animal Control Officer Jean Roslonowski, is the crowd of neighbors, children, and other pets that were gathered around to watch the scene,” if the dog was so dangerous and the neighborhood was so fearful of him, why the hell are they standing around? Why not go into the safety of their homes? And again, Ice the Pit bull did NOT attack anyone. Another dog of an different breed did.

posted by: Shigenobu NewsMan O'Niell on March 26, 2012  2:51am

this “police officer” should be reprimanded and charged with animal abuse. that is so sick and disgusting that anyone would ever do something so heinous and evil. that “officer of the law” should no longer be able to enforce the law. people piss me off. that is 100% unacceptable.

posted by: Tomas Torquemada on March 26, 2012  2:53am

Why is it that when hard evidence of a serious error in judgement happens, the answer is always, “uh… but you didn’t see what else was going on that wasn’t on the video.”? Personally, I call bullshit on that.  Officer is safe behind the vehicle and the dog was making no movement toward anyone.  This does not necessitate a ‘split-second’ decision.  This dog was killed because of ignorance and prejudice.  The police in Ansonia need some kind of training… I am not sure what kind.  The best one of the whole lot got ran out for borrowing a garden hose. 

It seems obvious that Jane here has had some kind of bad experience with a pit bull or some dog she thought was a pit bull.  I myself have had bad experiences with ignorant and mean spirited women, but if someone perpetrated a crime against Jane, I would not call her insignificant, nor would I blame her owner for failing to control or contain her. 

If we allow our police to continue to act first and find out what the hell is going on later, what happens if the mistaken identity they act first on next is you?  I, for one, will be walking for Ice on May 20th.  Let’s hope no one mistakes my identity.

posted by: Kayla Anderson on March 26, 2012  5:28am

Really Jane?  Their tails were wagging while they were attacking while attacking a carriage horse?  So basically dogs who are predators were attacking a prey animal and that’s wrong?  I have news for you.  Dogs do that.  All dogs.  My own GSD went after cattle the same exact way and he’s supposed to be a herding breed.  And then they tried to defend their kill?  The same as any other predator?  THE SHOCK!  I have news for you.  There’s different kinds of body language in dogs and that includes tail wagging.  Maybe you shouldn’t ANY kind of dog until YOU learn how they operate.  This includes foo foos and big dogs alike.  It’s not pit bulls that are the problem it is uninformed people such as yourself and irresponsible owners.  Funny how my land shark hasn’t attacked anyone including allowing some jack hole kid lit her on fire.

posted by: Marie Hynds on March 26, 2012  7:14am

correct me if i am wrong.the call came in for 5 myrtle ave the pit bull left 5 myrtle ave and ran down to judson place his home,then the cops came and shot him?you can clearly see the dog wasn’t in attack mode.what i think is the cop over reacted.on a nice day like march 3 there would’ve been a lot of people outside,the dog ignored all of the people and went home, a home he knew was his.the cop trespassed on the home to kill the dog.Jeannie sounds like you and the cops should watch animal planet and learn something.

posted by: Brian Lewis on March 26, 2012  8:53am

That cop is a complete liar!

posted by: April Akins on March 26, 2012  9:05am

I went from zero to pissed off in 2.2 seconds!! Really? Is law enforcement so ignorant that a simple call like this is mishandled. It makes me shudder that they have bigger calls to make than a dog containment call. I would sue to the Nth degree and make them realize that education of animals such as pitbulls is mandatory. I bet it would be a different approach if it was a little ankle biting dog or their pensions depended on good judgement. I have two large bully’s that are big babies. Makes me sick!!!!!

posted by: Clay Hund on March 26, 2012  9:42am

The police officer just killed the dog with no other attempt. the dog was not charging and it was wagging it’s tail. This guy isn’t a cop, he is a coward, and I would sue the living you know what out of him and the city. This cop needs to be charged as well. Just because someone is a cop, doesn’t give them the right to commit crimes. Regardless whether this guy has a badge and a gun, he is a coward, and I would own him.

posted by: Clay Hund on March 26, 2012  9:48am


You area true monster. This dog was certified as a good citizen and was being trained a therapy dog. Do you have any idea how well behaved and friendly a dog needs to be in order to achieve that. Very rarely does a dog get that certificate. The cop did nothing but shoot the dog without trying to capture it as he stated, lied in the report. You want that scumbag serving as a police officer. What happens when he shoots a human, and lies about it, you know, like that scumbag in FL? You got back to candy land now, as you obviously know nothing about dogs and bought into the pit bull hype. I truly feel sorry for the ignorant people in the world like you, because you would rather be blind than in the know.

posted by: Chelsea ShaSha Gross-MacIsaac on March 26, 2012  11:22am

So an innocent dog was shot and killed. It doesn’t surprise me, it happens all the time. There was a vicious dog running around the neighbourhood? A pitbull is visible, BETTER SHOOT IT! And I love the fact that officers are supposed to be trained to shoot to maim, not kill, unless the perpetrator - human or animal - is advancing or being in any way life-threatening to the officers or citizens. From what I see, Ice is either excited or nervous from the alleged “crowd”. I bet the officers were shouting, and if there was anyone else around, they were too. Dogs would be barking. But Ice was so good as to not even leave the property. A beautiful dog that had no reason to die.
My grandmother’s pitbull died a couple years ago almost to this date, and one thing I’ll always remember was witnessing him break down the screen door in my grandmother’s house so he could run across the street and get between two children and two other pitbulls that were ready to attack, for whatever reason. If that doesn’t prove that their behaviour is determined by the owner, I don’t know what would. They aren’t dangerous dogs, and if the police can’t even follow up on a 911 call correctly, I would not want them “protecting” me and my family.

posted by: Lynne Jaquith Lowe on March 26, 2012  11:24am

Seriously? The cop was afraid? He shot the poor dog from BEHIND the car, without provocation. The dog didn’t charge him and in no way was acting aggressive, anyone with half a brain could see that. It sounds more like the cop was a coward. Glad he’s not “protecting” my neighborhood!

RIP Ice.

And Jane Clarke…it’s ignorant people like you, who REACT instead of think or take the time to get educated that are the BIGGEST problem…you must be related to the cop.

posted by: Barbara Elar Garrett on March 26, 2012  1:17pm

I have followed Ice’s story from rescue to adoption and now, unfortunately death. I was heartbroken to learn of this senseless murder.

These Horrific Events with Police Shooting Pit Bulls Must End.  Why is there no law stating that an officer must carry tranquilizer darts and use them instead? 
Why are Pit Bulls used as Target Practice for police departments across this nation???

As an owner of a pit bull shot in my front yard by a retired officer, I know first hand what this family is going through. Our dog also did nothing, and was shot because of her breed.
We were lucky, Remi is still alive, after countless surgeries and thousands of dollars in medical bills.
Our community came to rally for Remi and I hope Ice’s will do the same.  Maybe some good can come of Ice’s death. Maybe in the restriction of police officers using their guns towards family pets.

Yes, there were terrible, ignorant people, like this Jane person harassing my family and spewing nonsense about Pit Bulls, but eventually they do go away.

Breed Discrimination is Prejudice; Plain and Simple.  It must be stopped.
The police that are paid with our tax dollars need to realize that we will not tolerate their “shoot first, ask questions later, and if the answers are not to our liking, we will make up a whole new story” philosophy any longer! 

My heart goes out to Ice’s family during this time of pain, anger and frustration.
Our good wishes and prayers are with you. 

Barbara Garrett
Justice For Remi on Facebook

posted by: Joanne Bruyere on March 26, 2012  1:19pm

@jane Clark….i am more afraid of ignorant heartless peopls like you..then any pitbulls…this police officer is lying to cover his murder of a sweet dog name ICE ..WHO WAS THE BEZT DOG EVER…RIP ICE..IF I WAS THE FAMILY..I WOULD SUE NOW…SO THE TRUTH PREVAILS…AND PEOPLE LIKE JA E CLARK CAN COMPLAIN EVEN MORE..

posted by: Rayner David Pacheco on March 26, 2012  3:01pm

I’m very sick and sadden over this. As a dog trainer/behaviorist I have seen this all the time, yes the wag of a tail can’t tell you everything of the dog, but from the video I have seen the dog dididn’tok like it was of danger. I have seen this dog on two occasions, Ice did not show any type of aggression at all. I have emailed the writer of this piece to let him know my evaluation of Ice. He was at steps to be a therapy dog. What upsets me is that this is happening to much, cops are not required to take a dog course to know how to control that situation. Me coming from a family with law enforcement background speaking to my friends also in law enforcement we all agree, different steps should have been taken. The cop could have taken different measures, but only reacted to his first action which is shoot the dog. My uncle who is a retired cop had a similar situation, what he did was he approached the dog with a leash, put it over the head of the dog and that was it. He took that risk rather then shooting a dog. The thing people don’t seem to understand is an incident like this happened, but it wasn’t pitbull it was a golden retriever. The cops didn’t shoot the dog because they felt it wasn’t a dangerous dog, but everyone around was saying the dog attacked a child and two other people. Why don’t people mention that. I’m not saying they should have shot that dog, but I’m just pointing out that a different type of measure needs to be taken. Also showing a step up now is something that shouldn’t be mentioned, but should have been done a long time ago. I think everyone needs the proper education on animals, and this includes all 365 breeds of dog(s).

posted by: Donna Andrulat on March 26, 2012  5:05pm

This is really sad the dog was standing in his own yard he was excited to see the police officer he was showing absolutely no sign of aggression"People around every where"If he was so mean he would have been biting them.I have a Pitbull and I am so tired of everybody giving these dogs a bad name My dog wags his tail and runs to my grandson because he loves him not because he is trying to bite him These dogs are protective love children and are the smartest Breed I have ever owned.My question is why was the Dog Warden not called who is trained to capture the dog and observe him to see if he was agressive? The only Monster Is the ignorant JANE CLARKE for writing such a statement as this.Why dont you go get some education on animal behavior God Bless the family who has lost there pet TTruly AWFUL!

posted by: Jeffery McDonald on March 26, 2012  5:20pm

Jane, how does it feel to be a complete ignoramus? Morons like you are cut from the same cloth as those who believe being a black teenager wearing a hoodie constitutes as a threat. Read a book, you neanderthal.

posted by: Sara Elizabeth on March 26, 2012  5:46pm

This makes me feel so angry and sad for Ice and the Trapps. How can we trust the Ansonia police if they shoot dogs that pose no threat and then (poorly) attempt to cover it up with lies? Should we be afraid to walk our large breed dogs or wear hoodies in public? Ansonia PD must be held responsible, but unfortunately will get away with this because of the few ignorant people like Jane Clarke. Officer Jonathan Troesser claims to be a dog lover, but he cannot identify a friendly dog that poses no threat? I sincerely hope that Officer Jonathan Troesser and Ms. Clarke are not pet owners since they are both so ignorant.

posted by: Rayner David Pacheco on March 26, 2012  8:03pm

I sent an email to them, I’m very upset they didn’t publish it. It just shows something is not right.

Here is my email.

Hello, my name is Rayner Pacheco;
I was one of the trainers who have seen Ice before this tragedy. His owner Racquel Trapp contacted me through a rescue group she volunteers (before she started her own rescue group) Zanis Furry Friends. When I arrive to her home – Ice was a very lay back dog, but also he was very affectionate. When I sat down with Miss. Trapp, she told me she wanted to see if Ice can be a therapy dog; due to his special needs it is very rare to see a dog like him be a therapy dog. I evaluated him to see if he can fit the requirements and he passed, she needed to work on Ice just on him being a little calm. Because of his energy he just loved going up to people and licking them so everyone can pet him, a required part for him to be a therapy dog is that he needed to stay still for a small period of time. Miss. Trapp worked on Ice for a month and then I returned to see how his progress was going. I tested him again and he was ready to go for the next steps. I contacted one of my training partners I know who give classes for therapy training so dogs can go for testing and they were set for when Miss. Trapp returned.
I; during both of my evaluations, didn’t see a bad bone in Ice’s puppy body. Racquel followed all the training from the previous trainer she seen when she first got Ice and all my recommendations when she seen me. To hear what happen is just another blow to the animal community. A dog who never hurt anyone was shot is wrong. I have seen this many times during my career and I am just stunned that the police department defends their own for a crime done from their own. I hope this letter shows a piece of what a dog owner who really cares and is committed does for her dogs, I hope that the person who shot Ice gets justice because a crime like this needs to made an example of. Just because you work for the government doesn’t mean you can get away with a crime, in the end of the day you’re just like us; and like us if you do crime you should pay for it…
Thank You

Rayner Pacheco

posted by: Barbara Smith on March 27, 2012  8:14am


posted by: Steven Blackman on March 27, 2012  11:33am

I won’t rant and rave about misunderstood pit-bulls in our society. Just visit and see just what a pit bull really is…a valued breed. Only one question…why wasn’t a taser used instead of gun?

posted by: David Brezina on March 28, 2012  1:25pm

I have lived in the valley since I was 3, I am now 29.  I have friends that live on Judson Pl. and many other streets in that neighborhood and knew as soon as they said white pit bull which dog they meant and was heartbroken. That dog was so sweet and beautiful, it really is a shame. Giving the police the benefit of the doubt, which mind you few Ansonia police deserve, why has not one person mentioned the 911 caller who gave the police the incorrect information. He should be fined for filing a false police report, the officer should be suspended for failing to use good judgement resulting in the death of an Ansonia resident, and the town and department should be sued and pay for this families loss. These are the same cops that pulled me over to search my vehicle once in the projects because I “looked suspicious”.....a white kid dropping off a coworker…..all they saw was a white kid in the projects. And for “swerving” on Root Ave, an S-curve hill with no lines. Tomas hit the nail…..this is just another example of poorly trained police who have a proven track record of ignorance and prejudices. Just look at the records and you’ll see how many times this force has shamed our community with their lies, thefts, and domestic violence incidents.

posted by: Heidi Hunter on March 28, 2012  7:07pm here is the link to the petition that was started for Ice. I don’t care what corrections have or will be made to this Police Department it still wont change the fact that Ice, standing in his own yard, was shot and killed. Nothing ANYONE can say or do will change that fact. What can change is CHARGES FOR ANIMAL CRUELITY for the MURDER of ICE

posted by: Lynn Twigg on March 29, 2012  1:26pm

I seen no aggressive behaviour on behalf of the dog but the cop on the other hand just need that opportunity to use his gun. I hope they don’t send him to a kids park for a disturbance.  The video tell it all and of course the cops always have an alibi “it was policy” been to Ansonia and was stopped in 69 by one of their dumdumb-asses think they watch too much tv and unfortunately they try to act it out. Poor Dog cop nedds anger management.

posted by: Carla Green Frew Stowe on March 29, 2012  4:05pm

Thank you Samantha Rose for trying to set jane clark straight!!! It’s people with that kind of opinion that hurt the reputation of Pit Bulls. How would you feel jane if it happened to your dog?!!! Wake up & get smart . People like you disgust me!! I guess you think that not only was Ice just a Pit Bull but “JUST A DOG ALSO!!!!!“GEEZ!!!!

posted by: Kimberly Livingston on March 29, 2012  4:06pm

Jane Clarke, I can’t stand uneducated people like you!!!!  I don’t believe you you for a single second that the pits were wagging their tails while ripping apart a horse!!! Maybe you should read the whole story before opening your mouth.  The pit bull didn’t do a single thing, but lose his life for no reason!!  I own a pit bull and he is not even close to being a monster!! WOW (shake my head)!!!  He’s the sweetest most loving dog I have ever owned and I have owned a lot of different dogs!!  Pity’s are definitely my favorite!! It’s uneducated people like you that are the MONSTERS!!!!! You obviously don’t know anything at all about pits!!!  Educate yourself before discriminating!!! People like you make me sick!!!!!  JUST IGNORANT!!!!!!

posted by: Honey Stattfordshire on March 30, 2012  11:01am

Any breed dog can bite, the only difference is the bigger the dog the bigger the bite. My concern is having the few bad apple trigger happy patrol men out there who think they can take target practice on defenseless animals. If an Animal Control Officer was present they should have been able to assess the situtation properly and advise the officer. I think the ACO should take some of the blame on this.

posted by: Doganimal References on March 31, 2012  2:49pm

Although I feel terrible about what happened to Ice, I can’t help but wonder if Ice received improper training and evaluation.  Rayner David Pacheco claims to be a trainer and dog behaviorist, but he is not a certified dog trainer or behaviorist.  Nor is he certified to evaluate dogs for therapy certifications.  Rayner has lied about his certifications and degrees in order to get work, but this may be an unfortunate side effect of having a dog trained and evaluated by someone with no formal training.  For more information, please visit:

posted by: Rayner David Pacheco on April 2, 2012  6:43pm

I’m sorry, I must respond for what was written about me. First of, Ice did get a proper eval, I did have certifications at the time when I evaluated Ice, my partner I contacted to start on Ice for therapy training, I was asked to write my opinion on the evaluation of Ice and what I did with Mrs. Trapp. To say you feel he had improper training or anything is giving the right of passage to the officer that shot Ice, next time make sure you and your site is accurate, you’re very lucky I’m not suing you. Again it’s disappointing for anyone to disagree with Ice’s training seeing that he didn’t do anything wrong - therefor he was fine and Mrs.Trapp was following the suggestions I gave. It is very inconciterate for you to put blame on me for it because that is what your doing.

I apologize to everyone for my way of coming out in this thread but I need to start to defend myself, I have been out due to medical reasons. Now I’m better to start to defend myself and my team. So if anyone has anything to say to me and my position please contact me personally.

Thank You.
Rayner Pacheco

posted by: Eugene Driscoll on April 2, 2012  7:41pm

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For more information, see the 1996 federal Telecommunications Act.

Eugene Driscoll
203 446 2335

posted by: Tammy McCown on April 4, 2012  11:47am

Total BS!!! I have never seen a dog attack and wag his tail while doing it. That officer is an idiot. I saw no reason to shoot the dog. Seemed to be happy and could have been excited by all the commotion. Even when shot and hurt he fled from the officer instead of trying to attack him. There will be a place in hell for him.That is what is wrong with our country-not everything needs to end with a shooting.

posted by: Tammy McCown on April 4, 2012  11:57am

1. Jane Clark needs a course to contain her mouth and educate her ignorance. Must be a friend of the cops.
2.To the trainer, mistakes happen and they all want to blame someone. Numerous people that knew this dig have said he was not a bit vicious. Do not blame yourself.
3. Clearly from the video the dog was doing no wrong-on his own property!!! I say the family should look into legal action if only to keep this from happening again. And I personally hate lawyers, but there is no other way to go.
4. and sadly, they do get away with this crap. Just look at the Trayvon Martin case.

posted by: Marsha McNair on April 4, 2012  12:32pm

Jane Clark, you need a lot of things, and a ‘course’ in humanity is at the top of the list. Personally, I hope the cop who shot this one year old deaf therapy dog because he was aggressively WAGGING HIS TAIL, never has another good day for the rest of his life. And Jane, you right behind him…The world could surely do without a dumb*** such as you. Bet you don’t even pay taxes, my guess is that you probably get government aid, because you’re obviously too ignorant to hold down a job…