Volunteers Sought For MS, Insomnia Study

Griffin Hospital Photo The Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center and Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Center, both located at Griffin Hospital, 130 Division St., Derby, are seeking volunteers for a study on Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and insomnia.

This study will compare mindfulness meditation to sleep hygiene counseling in treating insomnia and improving quality of life in individuals with MS.

“Many people with MS suffer from chronic insomnia, and some of the medications used to treat insomnia can have adverse effects,” said Joseph B. Guarnaccia, MD, Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Center director. “Therefore, it is desirable to find alternative treatments for insomnia. The potential role of mindfulness – which is focusing full attention on the present moment without judgment – in affecting sleep has not yet been studied in people with MS.”

To participate, volunteers must be adults with a diagnosis of MS who suffer from chronic insomnia. They must be willing to come to Griffin Hospital for three assessments throughout the study, and to attend a weekly, two-hour training session for eight weeks and one eight-hour weekend session, and wear a Fitbit activity monitor (provided to volunteers) for several weeks to record their sleep data.

Volunteers will be randomly assigned to training on either mindfulness or sleep hygiene, which will be offered at either Griffin Hospital or the Yale Stress Center. They will receive $200 for their role in the training and assessment, which will be provided free of charge. This study is funded by a grant from the State of Connecticut’s Biomedical Research Trust Fund.

For information, call 203-732-1265, extension 220 or extension 300.


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