Zoe, The Dog That Ran After Car Wreck, Has Been Found

ContributedJohn Wasilewski has been in a hospital bed recovering from a serious car wreck on Route 8 north in Shelton Jan. 22.

He’s got a shattered forearm, among other injuries, but there’s been one thing on his mind since the wreck — his lost dog, Zoe.

Zoe, a 6-or-7-year-old Samoyed female, was understandably terrified after the wreck, and took off into the woods near exit 12.

People from all over the area shared pictures of the dog on Facebook, and, on Tuesday morning, Zoe was found in the Roosevelt Forest, according to a post from Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery.

Reached at his bed in Bridgeport Hospital Tuesday, Wasilewski was happy to hear his dog had been found.

His other dog, Scooter, was also in the wreck, but didn’t run.

“They’re my children,” said Wasilewski, who lives in Fairfield and works in Ansonia.

Wasilewski said he was heading north on Route 8 when his tire blew out. He lost control of the car.

“I was almost able to drive out of it,” he said.

Then he said the airbags deployed, blinding him. The vehicle hit the guard rail, went over it and rolled over two or three times, Wasilewski said.

He was able to push open a door to get out. Zoe forced her way out a busted window.

“She had been pinned by the airbag. She was scared and she ran up the road,” he said.

As photos of the dog spread on social media, John’s cell phone received more and more calls. She was spotted several times on the Shelton-Stratford border during the last week.

“I must have received 50 to 60 calls,” he said.

Wasilewski was especially worried last night, as a snowstorm moved through the area.

According to Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery, Zoe was checked by a vet Tuesday.

“Zoe is at the vet now being checked out and will be in the safe loving hands of a family member until John comes home. Thank you to all the residents of Shelton, CT for once again being so vigilant and amazing… you guys rock,” the post read.


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