Rep. McGorty To Chair Fire Marshals And Regs Subcommittee

State Rep. Ben McGorty, a member of the Fire and EMS Caucus, was made the chair of the Fire Marshals and Regulations subcommittee on Tuesday.

Rep. McGorty said he will be working with Fire Chiefs and Fire Marshals to tackle issues related to residential sprinkler installation and legislation to enhance smoke detector installation.

He’s a volunteer firefighter and a deputy fire marshal in Shelton.

The Fire and EMS Caucus was formed by a bipartisan group of lawmakers in December to focus on specific public safety issues that first responders must navigate on a daily basis.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues and Fire and EMS officers,” said Rep. McGorty. “We are opening the lines of communications with Fire and EMS officers so we can create policies that will help make sure our public safety officers receive the best training possible and that their safety is our top priority.”


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