No Bids Received For Downtown Ansonia Buildings

Ansonia officials will pow-wow next week to discuss what to do with two large buildings downtown they are looking to unload.

Bids to purchase the Ansonia Technology Park building at 497 E. Main St. and the Palmer Building at 153 Main St. were scheduled to be opened at 11:15 a.m. Thursday (June 6).

However, the bids weren’t opened because none were received. This is the second time in recent months no one has submitted bids for the two buildings.

Ansonia Mayor James Della Volpe said he was disappointed. He attributed the lack of interest to the still struggling national economy.

In fact, a report this week indicated Connecticut has the worst economy in the nation.

He said the city’s Development Corp. has a meeting scheduled for June 12 to talk about how to proceed.

As of Thursday, Della Volpe was leaning toward asking for bids a third time.

The city hopes to see the two buildings purchased for market-rate housing.

“We want to get out of the real estate business,” Della Volpe said.

Duke Realty of Connecticut, a limited liability company from New Jersey, contracted with Ansonia in 2008 to purchase the two buildings for $1.5 million.

However, the deal never happened and was declared dead in October.

The building at 153 Main St. is 45,000 square feet.

It was used in the 1900s by the Osborne and Cheeseman Co., according to information from the Valley Council of Governments. Palmer Bros. Trucking moved in in 1955 and remained there with other businesses until about 1985.

Other tenants at 153 Main St. over the years included Dr. Ed Blumenthal and other physicians, Sharkey Screw Machine Products, and “Wild Bill’s” factory outlet.

The Ansonia Senior Center is on the ground floor at 153 Main St. Any potential buyer is being asked to allow the senior center to stay for $1 per year.

The building next door at 497 E. Main St. is 50,000 square feet with five floors. Its history dates back to 1884, and it was used for years as storage for the Osborne and Cheeseman Co. The New England Cap Co. occupied the building in the 1990s.

Here is a portion of the public notice the city issued looking for potential buyers:

The buildings and properties will be sold together in an “as is” condition, and subject to existing leases and tenancies.

The successful bidder will be responsible for any costs associated with any environmental monitoring on either property.

The bidder must agree to enter into an Agreement with the City of Ansonia for a lease of the Ansonia Senior Center, located on the first floor of the Palmer Building at a cost of one dollar ($1.00) per year for a period to be negotiated with the City of Ansonia.

The City of Ansonia will convey its entire interest in the properties.

All bidders should perform due to diligence as to title and inspection of the properties, including any current tenant leases in either of these buildings.


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