Derby Board of Education Receives CABE Board Leadership Award

The Derby Board of Education and Superintendent Dr. Conway has been recognized by the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education for exhibiting the most effective leadership, characterized by their ability to work together as a team.

The CABE Board Recognition Awards are designed to recognize boards which provide effective leadership to their districts through the use of good practices. This program which acknowledges the importance of school board members and superintendents working together as effective teams continues an important trend among school boards associations across the country.

CABE Board Leadership Award – Level Two includes 19 items and boards need to fulfill 12 of these with at least two completed in each of the following areas: board leadership/student achievement, board member professional development, policy, community relations, and related organizational leadership.

Conway stated, “This is the fifth year in a row that the Derby Board of Education has been recognized, and the third time they are receiving the top award. The recognition speaks to their high level of commitment, relentless push to achieve greater results, and continuous support for all students, parents, teachers, staff and this great city.”

Board Chair, Kenneth Marcucio stated, “To be honored as a Board of Distinction in our state is a great honor for me, the members of our Board of Education, Dr. Matt Conway, the Derby School System and the city as a whole. It has been our objective to do whatever is necessary to make our school system the best it could possibly be for our students, given the tough times in today’s society. We have a great leader in Dr. Matt Conway who has helped us to do this during his tenure in Derby. I am sure with his continued leadership we will continue to improve and have one of the best school systems in the state. Our students will continue to benefit from the hard work of our board members, Dr. Conway, administrators, teachers and all the other employees who work so hard in the background. Thank you to CABE for bestowing this honor on our small city.”


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