Derby Police Remind Residents To Lock Vehicles

The following information was posted on the Derby Police Department’s Facebook page:

“We hate to sound like a broken record but PLEASE lock your vehicles. PLEASE don’t leave valuables in plain view. PLEASE don’t leave your keys in the car. Your chances of becoming a victim increase exponentially when you don’t follow these simple rules.

Police Departments in the region are investigating numerous instances where criminals (often from other towns/cities) are breaking into cars and even homes because they are left unlocked. If we lock our doors, we lessen the opportunity that criminals have of making us victims.

Below are video frames from a Hawthorne Avenue resident’s surveillance camera that captured video from 4:22 am on 4/4/2018. You can see three people enter the driveway and approach the three parked vehicles. Two of the vehicles are locked but the third is left unlocked. Can you guess which car was entered and rummaged through?

Please lock your doors! Please do not leave the keys inside of the vehicle! Thank you and stay safe and vigilant. If you see something or someone suspicious, call the police!”


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