‘Guest Bartender’ Raises $1,500 for Griffin Hospital’s Cancer Center

Derby Mayor Rich Dziekan and Archie Moore’s Bar & Restaurant raised $1,500 for The Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital Tuesday.

Dziekan was “guest bartender” at the Elizabeth Street restaurant for two hours. His tips and a percentage of sales during his shift were donated.

Initially Archie’s pledged 10 percent of sales for the cause, then upped the contribution to 25 percent in appreciation of the city and the large turnout.

Dziekan, a former bartender, has been making the rounds with once-a-month guest bartending gigs for charity. The idea is to raise the profile of the business while raising money for worthy causes.

Dziekan previously gigged for charity at Sherman’s Tap House, a new craft beer joint on Main Street. He’s planning to appear at Bad Sons Brewery on Roosevelt Drive next month.

Eric Heinig, the long-time manager at Archie’s, said Dziekan’s appearance triggered one of the restaurant’s busiest Tuesdays since opening in Derby 12 years ago.

The restaurant kept the crowd engaged after the mayor’s shift ended by hosting “trivia night.” It was the first time the Derby Archie’s hosted trivia.

“The fundraiser was absolutely phenomenal and we were amazed by the support that came from Griffin Hospital, city hall and the public,” Heinig said. “Having trivia here, allowing the people who were here for the fundraiser to stay, obviously helped our business, too.”

For trivia night patrons form teams and a host asks a total of 50 questions over five rounds. The Valley Indy team (nicknamed “The Very Stable Geniuses”) managed to snag first place.


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