Here Is A List Of Candidates For Office In Ansonia

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Polls are open are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Click this link to find your polling place.

Click this link to learn about voter identification.

Write down this number — 866-SEEC-INFO (866-733-2463) — and use it to report problems at the polls Nov. 7. This email — — is an option, too.

Here’s a list of candidates running for office in Ansonia, the party line the person is running on, and whether he or she is an incumbent. Please note the ward races are open to people who live in those wards.

D = Democratic line

R = Republican line


Tarek M. Raslan — D

David S. Cassetti — R (incumbent)


Beth Shortell Lynch — D

Janet Vitarius Waugh — R (incumbent)


David Knapp — D

Judy Larkin Nicolari — R (incumbent)


First Ward Aldermen
(vote for two)

Edward J. Adamowski — D

James J. Malloy — D

Randolph F. Carroll — R (incumbent)

Charles Stowe — R (incumbent)

Second Ward Aldermen
(vote for two)

Shain D. Edmonds — D

Lorie R. Vaccaro — R (incumbent)

Philip M. Tripp — R (incumbent)

Harry R. Danley, Jr. — Petitioning candidate

Third Ward Aldermen
(vote for two)

Gary F. Farrar, Jr. — D

Jason R. St. Jacques — D

Joseph Cassetti — R

Domenico Filippone — R

Fourth Ward Aldermen
(vote for two)

Richard J. Kaslaitis, III — R (incumbent)

Martin John Dempsey, II — R (incumbent)

Edward C. Norman — Petitioning candidate

Raymond Knott — Petitioning candidate

Fifth Ward Aldermen
(vote for two)

Seannea E. Raslan — D

Chicago R. Rivers — R

Joseph A. Jaumann — R (incumbent)

Joan P. Radin — Petitioning candidate (incumbent)

Sixth Ward Aldermen
(vote for two)

Joshua A. Shuart — R (incumbent)

Kevin C. O’Brien — R

Seventh Ward Aldermen
(vote for two)

David A. Knapp — D

Fred T. Williams — D

David B. Blackwell, Jr. — R (incumbent)

Frank DeLibero — R (incumbent)

Vincent G. Scarlata — Petitioning candidate

Andrew K. Tkacs — Petitioning candidate

(vote for two)

Joseph A. Jeanette, Jr. — D

Fran DiGiorgi — D (incumbent)

Tracey Ann DeLibero — R

Vincent G. Scarlata — R (incumbent)

(vote for three)

Louis R. Macero — D (incumbent)

Sean P. Rowley — D (incumbent)

Daniel A. King — R (incumbent)

William J. Zwack — R

Peter Gujski — R (incumbent)


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