Man Shot To Death In Derby

A man was shot to death outside RJ’s Cafe Saturday morning at the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Fifth Street.

Police identified the victim as Javon Zimmerman, 22.

He was shot in the parking lot at about 2 a.m.

Police said officers responded to the parking lot at RJ’s after receiving a report of shots fired.

Zimmerman was shot several times, according to police.

Storm Ambulance took him to nearby Griffin Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Derby police are investigating, with assistance from Ansonia police and the state police Major Crime Squad.

Crime scene tape closed off access to the rear of RJ’s Cafe at 148 Elizabeth St. as of 11 a.m.

Two plain clothes police officers were on nearby Anson Street talking to residents on a sidewalk.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 203-735-7811. An e-mail seeking additional comments was left with Derby police.

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In 2010, Zimmerman was arrested on minor drug charges. He was picked up by police along with seven other defendants who police accused of orchestrating a drug and gun ring in the lower Valley. The group had tentacles that stretched into many other local crimes, police said at the time.

Zimmerman got 10 days in jail for the April 2010 bust. Zimmerman was listed as an Ansonia resident at the time of that arrest.

According to online court records, Zimmerman had three felony drug charges pending in Superior Court in Derby in connection to a Jan. 7 arrest in Derby.

The parking lot of RJ’s also saw violence back in July 2011, when someone fired shots into the air during a fist fight. There were about 50 people in the parking lot during the melee. No one was hit by the bullets.

RJ’s Cafe is scheduled to be closed Monday (May 14) as punishment for violating four state liquor laws, including hours of operation and “conduct of permit premises.” The cafe was also ordered to pay a $500 fine.

The liquor permit notice is posted below:



posted by: Cindy Dojnia on May 12, 2012  1:05pm

my heart and prayers go out to the zimmerman family…love u kass..but why when u write an article u always have to put soo much negativity about past happenings in it…

posted by: Renee Sheckfee on May 12, 2012  6:25pm

The press prints facts. Unfortunately, his past was also his present and can probably shed some light into what happened. I believe in redemption but I also believe in learning from ones lessons. Oh, and freedom of speech!

posted by: Eugene Driscoll on May 12, 2012  7:35pm

This is not information we like to report.

Being 39 and the father of a son who is not quite 2 years old, I cannot begin to fathom what it is like to lose a son at just 22.

Although the chances are slim, my hope is that including information—no matter what that information is—will maybe, perhaps, somehow, in some way, help inform the public and (maybe) encourage them to call police.

My heart goes out to Javon’s family, especially his mom.

A person’s life cannot be summarized by a press release and a news archive check.

If anyone knew Javon and would like to share their thoughts about him, please call 203 446 2335 and ask for Eugene, or e-mail