Prepping Derby’s Opera House

Editor’s note: Workers have been prepping the historic Sterling Opera House for the installation of a cupola next month. Markanthony Izzo sent along these photos and write-up on Friday.

Since I like documenting “history,” I sought permission to photograph the preparation of the new cupola base on the Sterling Opera House. I hope the documentation will show Valley residents — present and into the future — the work involved at the opera house.

After being “harnessed up” and attached to the bucket, lift operator Ken Ray, took us up.

As we started up, Ray had to get us “in the envelope,” which meant to level the bucket. We were up about 120 feet above the ground at one point.

Although it was a relatively “calm” day, it definitely was a little “cooler” up there. There were times I was holding on as if riding a bucking bronco, even though it was a smooth ride.

Once I got my “sea legs” and began taking photographs, I was fine.

It was a spectacular view that would have been nice to see at night, when the Christmas lights from the Derby Green are on.

Pictured in the photos are lift operator Ken Ray and Butch Atkins of Home Response, LLC of Milford. Not pictured is owner Steve Wilson.


posted by: elsie valeski on December 17, 2010  4:57pm

These pictures are to be saved for future generations to enjoy.Markanthony Izzo should be given a small grant so that he can record Derby:s present history especially now that Derby is going to have a historical facelift.
Make sure somebody keeps track.       

posted by: Hometown History on December 17, 2010  11:26pm

Great shots, Markanthony! You caught a “never before, never again” moment in Derby’s history!

posted by: gin on December 23, 2010  11:26pm

What great photographs…. a real bird’s eye view!  Congratulations on your ‘Best Citizen Journalist’ award.  You really went to great heights to get the best pictures! Keep up the good work!  Ginny