Video: Mouse Makes Mad Dash During Seymour Selectmen Meeting

Seymour Economic Development Director Fred A. Messore earned his keep and then some at Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting.

The meeting has just started when an audience member noticed a “little visitor” had entered the room.

The visitor was, yup, a mouse. The little rodent was quickly trapped under a garbage can.

Messore then walked over to collect it.

He lifted the can up and the mouse made a beeline for Frank Loda, the private citizen who videotapes Seymour government meetings and broadcasts them on the web and on Comcast cable.

It wasn’t clear whether the mouse wanted to make an appearance on local access.

Messore was able to grab the mouse after it hid under Loda’s chair for a few moments.

He dropped it into the garbage can and took it outside the building to its freedom.

Click the video to watch the drama unfold.


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