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Seymour Budget

Update: Seymour 2017 Budget Referendum Results

by Ethan Fry | May 11, 2017 9:30 pm | Comments (0)

ethan fry photoSeymour voters overwhelmingly approved town and school budgets for next year at a referendum Thursday — but officials said they won’t rest assured until Hartford lawmakers finalize a statewide spending plan.

The $23.2 million town budget passed 626 to 290.

The $32.9 million school budget passed 561 to 354.

The combined budget does not raise taxes, assuming aid from the state budget isn’t gutted.

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Seymour Town and Education Budgets Pass on First Try

by Jodie Mozdzer Gil | May 5, 2016 9:12 pm | Comments (0)

PHOTO: Jodie Mozdzer GilFor the first time in at least six years, Seymour voters approved both the town and school budget on the first try Thursday.

Budgets in Seymour are usually rejected on the first scheduled town-wide vote.

The combined $56.1 million budget for 2016-2017 will mean a tax rate of 36 mills next year, an increase over the current 34.59 mills.

But the amount residents will pay in taxes really depends on what happened to their property values during the most recent revaluation.

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Low Turnout At Seymour Budget Public Hearing

by Jack Kramer | Mar 31, 2016 10:26 pm | Comments (0)

FILE PHOTOIf Thursday night’s Board of Finance public hearing on Seymour’s 2016-2017 budget is any indication of public sentiment, town officials have little to worry about.

The hearing lasted less than a half-hour and was attended by about a dozen residents. Only two questions about the budget plan were asked of the finance board and First Selectman Kurt Miller.

The majority of the meeting time at the Seymour High School was taken up by a budget presentation given by Miller.

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Seymour Residents Say Yes And No

by Ethan Fry | Apr 30, 2015 9:15 pm | Comments (0)

Seymour voters delivered a split decision at a budget referendum Thursday, approving the town’s spending plan for 2015-2016 but rejecting the school budget.

The $23.3 million town budget passed by a vote of 621-563.

The $32.7 million school budget was rejected 642-542.

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Seymour Budget Vote Results

by STAFF | Apr 30, 2015 7:42 pm | Comments (0)

Voters tonight approved the Seymour town budget, but rejected the school budget.

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Seymour Budget’s Fate Now In Voters’ Hands

by Jodie Mozdzer Gil | Apr 23, 2015 9:26 pm | Comments (0)

PHOTO: Jodie Mozdzer GilSeymour residents Thursday had their second of three chances to directly participate in deciding how the town spends its money.

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Seymour Schools: ‘We’re Near The Bottom Line, We’re Not Overspending’

by Jodie Mozdzer Gil | Feb 8, 2015 12:17 pm | Comments (1)

FILE PHOTOWhen the Seymour Board of Education presents its budget request to the Board of Finance Monday night, Board of Education Chairman Yashu Putorti said he plans to keep his message short.

“There’s not a lot in this budget to talk about,” Putorti said. “My message this year is that our budget is not an inflated budget. We are spending very close to the bottom for per-pupil spending.”

The 2015-16 budget request represents a 3.2 percent or $1.016 million increase over current spending.

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Seymour Budget Vote Set For May 1

by Jodie Mozdzer Gil | Apr 21, 2014 10:00 pm | Comments (0)

PHOTO: Jodie Mozdzer GilThe Seymour Board of Selectmen has officially passed the town’s proposed $54.6 million budget on to voters.

Now the fate of the 2014-2015 spending proposal will be up to the people, who can vote in a daylong referendum May 1 at the Seymour Community Center.

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Seymour Budget Gets Little Discussion

by Jodie Mozdzer Gil | Apr 3, 2014 10:28 pm | Comments (0)

PHOTO: Jodie Mozdzer GilA public hearing Thursday on the proposed 2014-2015 Seymour budget lasted 12 minutes and included comments from just three people.

Town officials expect to get a clearer picture of how residents feel about the $54.6 million budget proposal at a town referendum May 1.

“They’ll tell us if they want us to make any tweaks,” said Board of Finance chairman Bill Sawicki after the short hearing Thursday.

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Seymour Board Of Education Cuts Budget

by Ethan Fry | Jun 17, 2013 10:54 pm | Comments (0)

Photo: Ethan FryFive months and three referendums after Seymour’s school board first voted on a budget for 2013-2014, members on Monday finalized a spending plan for next year that keeps most of the new proposals they first envisioned in place.

The board did vote not to fund one of two new teaching positions at the middle school, but other proposals — like a late bus for students participating in after school activities and four part-time elementary-level paraprofessionals — remained.

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