Close Third Ward Race In Derby Triggers Recount

The Derby Registrar of Voters will recount results from Tuesday’s third ward Aldermen race.

In the third ward, there were six candidates running for three open seats.

According to results submitted to the Secretary of State Wednesday, the top four candidates were:

Carmen DiCenso (Dem): 839 votes

David Anroman (Dem): 653 votes

Peter Olenoski, Jr. (Rep): 653 votes

Richard Dziekan (Rep): 651 votes

The results show the winners as DiCenso (an incumbent), Anroman and Olenoski.

But since the margin of defeat was so narrow for Dziekan — just two votes — a recount is mandatory, Av Harris, a spokesman for the Secretary of State, told the Valley Indy Wednesday.

Sheila O’Malley, Mayor Anthony Staffieri’s chief administrative assistant, also confirmed a recount is needed.

Harris said the recount will have to happen within a week and that Town/City Clerk Laura Wabno will notify Dziekan of the recount.

Dziekan could waive the recount, but he told the Valley Indy through an e-mail Wednesday that he wants it to happen.

Dziekan was appointed to the Board of Aldermen Dec. 27, 2012 to replace Republican Alderman Ken Hughes, who stepped down from the board because of family commitments.

Possibly picking up a seat through a recount would be welcome news for city Republicans in an otherwise bleak 2013 election.

The GOP took a beating at the polls in Derby Tuesday, with Democrat Anita Dugatto besting four-term incumbent Mayor Anthony Staffieri. The Democrats also knocked out every Republican who was seeking re-election to the Board of Aldermen.

The balance of power on the Aldermen board is now 7-2 in favor of the Democrats. The Democrats held a 5-4 advantage over the Republicans walking into Tuesday’s election.

The results initially distributed Tuesday from the clerk had slightly different third ward tallies. In the first release, DiCenso had 842 votes, Anroman had 656 votes, Olenski had 654 votes and Dziekan had 651. Those numbers were revised Wednesday morning.

Both sets of results — the original and the corrected — were sent to the Secretary of State Wednesday.

Derby also had an Aldermen recount in the second ward in 2011, to confirm the election of Democratic Aldermen Art Gerckens, who edged out Republican Joseph DiMartino for the third open seat by four votes.

Here is the list of members of the new Derby Board of Aldermen, without the third ward.

Ward 1:

Anthony DeFala, Sr. (Dem)

Barbara DeGennaro (Dem)

Stephen Iacuone (Dem)

Ward 2:

Arthur Gerckens (Dem)

Ron Sill (Dem)

David Lenart (GOP)

Incumbent Republicans Scott Boulton, Bev Moran and Joseph DiMartino did not get re-elected.


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