Dziekan Congratulates Dugatto, Looks Forward To Campaign

Congratulations to Anita Dugatto on her victory in the Democratic primary.

Her genuine, emotional reaction showed that like both myself and Carmen DiCenso, she truly cares about Derby.

Many of the city’s Democrats and the vast majority of the Aldermen had publicly pledged their support for Dicenso, so the real question has to be, “Now what?”

One can’t help but wonder how awkward and counterproductive the already strained relationship between Mayor Dugatto and the Board of Aldermen will be moving forward.

I hope to keep the positive momentum of my campaign going, and I hope those that have supported Carmen in his bid will consider turning a blind eye to party politics and rally behind my desire to become Derby’s next mayor.

I plan on unifying members of all city boards from both sides of the aisle in the best interest of our taxpayers. We are too small a city to suffer from such a big case of political divisiveness.

I’m excited for the next eight weeks of hard work and campaigning, and my team’s goal is to keep things clean and informative.

The people of Derby deserve the best and I hope to be leading them in the right direction come Nov. 7.

The writer is the Republican nominee for mayor in the City of Derby.

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