Filippone: Pivoting Ansonia Towards The Future And My Chance To Do So

My name is Domenico Filippone and I would like to share my reasons for seeking the position of Third Ward Alderman for the City of Ansonia.

I believe that public service should be about achieving real results for our Great City. For that reason I am proud to be representing Mayor Cassetti and his team, and the great progress they have made in Ansonia over just four years.

A little bit about me: I am an Ansonia resident and have had the privilege of calling this booming city home for my entire life. I currently am employed by TD Bank in New Haven and am working toward obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at Albertus Magnus College. At this pivotal point in my life, my desire to benefit the wellbeing of others has provided me the chance to do so, by running for alderman.

As alderman I firmly intend on continuing the current success that Mayor Cassetti and his administration have unleashed. Economic development will be the cornerstone of my campaign, as I hope to further this radically fundamental transformation we are currently witnessing. As we have seen since Mayor Cassetti has taken office, lower taxes promotes growth, and this is something I will continue to ensure in order to continue such developments within the city.

Additionally, educational prosperity and ensuring safe and updated infrastructure will be a priority if elected. Over the past few years of the Cassetti administration we have seen a 3.5 percent increase in annual education funding, compared to the prior administrations 1.8 percent, which has allowed more room for our students to grow.

Any budget placed for a vote in front of me will continue this standard. Public Works projects such as the Wakelee Avenue repairs are also very important to me, as well as the rest of Team Cassetti, as our priority is to ensure the highest quality of life possible for residents in the most efficient manner.

I would like to thank the citizens of Ansonia, many of which are friends whom I have grown up with and family who have readied me for this point in my life to give back. I would like to recognize every candidate on the ballot this November and issue a strong deliverable that all winner’s focus on nothing but the best for this city. Lastly, I would like to thank God for presenting this opportunity to me and inspiring me to serve and improve the lives of others.

I ask that this November my fellow residents of the Third Ward will select Joseph Cassetti and myself to serve on behalf of them, for the good of all Ansonia.

The writer is a Republican candidate for Third Ward Alderman in Ansonia.

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