Letter: I Will Support Efforts To Recharge Ansonia

As you prepare to cast your votes on Election Day, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the state of our city. Where Ansonia was, where Ansonia is today, the direction Ansonia is headed.

Just four short years ago, I, like many others, noticed something lacking in City Hall — Energy. That lack of energy led to our City, losing its way.

Then in November of 2013, Ansonia changed — for the better. The incoming Cassetti administration brought with it a resounding energy, and desire to recharge and revitalize Ansonia. That energy has translated into strong economic development growth, a stabilized tax rate, greater funding and support of our education system, and an overall energy of renewal throughout our community.

Since 2013, Mayor Cassetti, has utilized a true team effort to revitalize the Ansonia Community. Numerous volunteers, from both parties, dedicate their time and energy, assisting in many capacities, including serving on over a dozen city boards and commissions.

All the while, Mayor Cassetti keeps his pulse on the community. Attending on average 15 or more public events weekly (Not including the countless sporting events, fundraisers, and other organizational events that the Mayor stops by). Our Mayor can been seen regularly supporting Ansonia’s local businesses, visiting Ansonia’s seniors at the Senior Center, and on almost any given day, Mayor Cassetti can be spotted shaking hands, and encouraging the City’s youth in their activities.

Thanks to Mayor Cassetti, and the hard work of his dedicated team. The face of our downtown is brighter, revitalized, and growing. The gateway to our City – Wakelee Avenue – will be undergoing a complete makeover including a new street, sidewalks, curbing, lighting and landscaping. The Armory is being refaced. Pulaski Highway is getting a much needed sidewalk. And Ansonia’s Finest are finally getting the much needed 21st century state of the art police station they need and deserve downtown. But, most importantly, there is renewed optimism and energy that has been reborn within our community.

Just think about where Ansonia was just four short years ago; and then think about where YOU want Ansonia to be in the coming years.

I, for one, want Ansonia to continue to this trend. I want our grand list to continue to grow; I want to continue the economic growth in our city, and I want to maintain a steady tax rate. I want to continue to improve our community through outreach programs and community events; I want to continue to support our education system and focus on long term solutions for our schools; and I want to continue the efforts to improve the quality of life within our community by continuing to support law enforcement and the anti-blight efforts throughout Ansonia.

Our city and our community are, once again — energized, and I am proud to have been a part of it as your Fifth Ward Alderman. If elected, I will continue to support the efforts to recharge Ansonia and keep our community energized. Together we can keep Ansonia moving in the right direction.

The writer is running for the Board of Aldermen on the Republican line to represent the Fifth Ward.

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