Letter: Raslan Owes Ansonia Money For Unregistered Car

Democratic candidate for Mayor Tarek Raslan HAS NOT BEEN PAYING TAXES on his Suzuki Kizashi sedan.

Mr. Raslan, whose campaign signs read “Honesty, Innovation, and Vision” has not been very “honest” with his tax obligations, nor his vehicle registration requirements that the real honest taxpayers of Ansonia are required to keep current.

Raslan’s vehicle registration expired almost a year ago on October 10, 2016. Only after bringing this to light and being stopped by Police did he renew his registration by paying back taxes owed in the City of Stamford for 2015 and 2016. These back taxes were paid on September 12, 2017- a day after his encounter with Police.

Most of these taxes were due to the City of Ansonia as Raslan was living here since 2015, yet his vehicle was not listed on City’s Grand List due to being unregistered and therefore has no taxes paid on it. Meanwhile, you and I are obligated to pay real estate tax, motor vehicle tax, homeowners, and motor vehicle insurance – and to keep our vehicle registrations valid; Tarek is apparently exempt from these burdens.

It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle that is not registered. The Police were notified of Mr. Raslan driving with an expired registration while out placing campaign signs around town on September 11, 2017 and encountered Raslan while parked along the side of the road on the Hilltop. Police addressed the issue, and lawfully would not allow Mr. Raslan to further operate his unregistered vehicle; and make no mistake, we have an outstanding Police Department.

Tarek went on record last year during a Special Board of Alderman meeting held at the Ansonia High School criticizing Team Cassetti about the plan to keep taxes low in Ansonia.
During Mr. Raslan’s public comment, he goes on record supporting an increase in our taxes. It does however make sense now…why not raise Ansonia resident taxes when you, Mr. Raslan are apparently not paying your own!

Mr. Raslan has avoided answering questions on his Facebook page “Tarek Raslan for Mayor of Ansonia” and has even deleted my, and other resident’s questions for his plans to raise our taxes; he has even blocked me personally from asking questions.

How is this “honest” and transparent? As a tax payer, I want to know how much you plan on raising our taxes while you ride around unregistered and do not pay your own! Totally unacceptable.

The bottom line is this. Mayor Cassetti has done, and continues to do an absolutely AMAZING job as Mayor of Ansonia.

In my lifetime here in Ansonia, I have NEVER seen such economic growth, such a bustling Main Street, major improvements in infrastructure, and a general passion from a Mayor who truly cares about the residents. Our grand list is growing, our bond rating upgraded, and our services are top notch.

The alternative is a short-term resident of only two years who discredits Mayor Cassetti, downplays the progress that those of us who grew up here realize, and who campaigns with the word “honesty” all while not paying his own taxes, and simultaneously trying to raise ours.

I am proud of the progress in our city, and I’m proud of the Mayor whose vision has brought us where we are today and will continue into the future.

The writer lives in Ansonia.

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