Miller: I Will Run For State Comptroller (Or Treasurer)

Seymour First Selectman Kurt Miller said Wednesday he will definitely be running for statewide office this year.

An official announcement could happen next week.

“I will be moving forward with a statewide run, and I will be announcing probably the next week specifically what office that will be,” Miller said.

He’s either running for comptroller, the position currently held by Kevin Lembo, or treasurer, the position currently held by Denise Nappier, who is not seeking re-election.

Miller was elected to his fourth, two-year term as First Selectman last November. He is a Republican.

Miller made his statement during his monthly appearance on “Navel Gazing,” a weekly talk show produced by The Valley Indy and sponsored by

The complete episode is embedded as a YouTube video below. Miller talks about his intentions 39 minutes and 23 seconds into the video.

The Valley Indy first reported Miller was thinking about running for higher office in November.

Miller’s exploratory committee — Kurt for CT — raised $4,550 in individual donations as of Dec. 31.

“My goal by December was to raise about $5,000 to get some seed money into place,” he said.

Miller said he’s been traveling Connecticut to gather support from GOP leaders.

Donors to his exploratory committee include Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who recently formally announced his gubernatorial run, Jason Perillo, a state lawmaker who represents Shelton, and Neil O’Leary, the mayor of Waterbury.

“Over the last four to five weeks I have been reaching out to RTC (Republican Town Committee) chairs, party elders, people that are involved, and kind of gauging the level of support that I have,” Miller said.

Election Day 2018 is Nov. 6.

At that point Miller will be halfway through his two-year term as Seymour First Selectman. If elected to statewide office, he will vacate his post in Seymour.

But Miller says he’ll still be in a position to help his hometown if elected treasurer or comptroller.

“One of the biggest issues that Seymour is having right now is funding from the State of Connecticut because of its lack of financial management,” Miller said. “The two positions I’m exploring are treasurer and comptroller, and I think those two positions would have a direct impact on the finances of the State of Connecticut, which would benefit the Town of Seymour.”

If Miller was elected to higher office, the Board of Selectmen would have 30 days to choose a replacement, according to the town charter. Miller’s replacement would have to be a Republican. Click here to read the section of the charter about filling vacancies in elected office.


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