State Representative Endorses Valerie Horsley In Democratic Primary

I have gotten to know Valerie Horsley quite well during the 2018 legislative session. We met several times and have spoken at length.

I am incredibly impressed with her skills as well as her knowledge and understanding of the issues and challenges of both our district and the state. I believe that Valerie’s commitment to every single resident in the district is sincere and comes from her heart.

What impresses me most is that as a single working mom, Valerie has both the personal and professional experience with so many of the issues that women struggle with and have lived through at one time or another. Working family issues like safe, affordable child care; family medical leave; pay equity; and a strong, well-rounded public school education- to name just a few.

As the head of a science laboratory, I know Valerie comprehends the challenges many of our small businesses face, each and every day of operation. Issues such as being able to provide a livable wage to employees, raising enough capital through grants to keep the lab up and running, and the ability to find and hire local well-trained, educated workers.

I have a long history in the 17th District and can offer a unique and informed perspective as to the requirements of the State Senate position she seeks.

As a soon-to-be retired public servant and a lifelong valley resident, I know that Valerie’s keen intellect, as well as her life and work experiences, make her uniquely qualified to serve as State Senator for this district. I am confident that she is the best candidate for the job and that she will fight for the hard working men and women of this district. Valerie will deliver for all of the wonderful citizens that make up the 17th!

Valerie has earned my respect, my support and my VOTE! I feel she is the best qualified candidate to represent the 17th District and has the best chance of winning the election in November.

The writer represents Ansonia and Derby is the state House of Representatives.

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