‘Alderman Art’ Wishes Good Luck Upon New Administration In Derby

Facebook My old coach Lou DeFilippo once said, “Boys, when we win, we do so with dignity and class, and when we lose, we do the same.”

I did not expect to see a change in the outcome due to the recount and mercifully there was not a change.

As I said on my FB page, I am disappointed in the the results (more so in the Mayor’s result than mine) but the people have spoken.

My head is hung high knowing that I stood by a good person, friend, and leader through the good times and the not so good times. I met some amazing volunteers, staffers, and cherish the bonds I made with the Naugatuck Valley Young Dems.

I truly enjoyed representing the people of the second ward and, even if you didn’t like me personally, you have to admit, we had fun.

Are there any other aldermen/women out there with their own theme song, haircut, or who challenged a city in Great Britain over the pronunciation of the word Derby? (This actually caused a few anxious moments for some, but it was all in jest).

I have an amazing wife, terrific daughters, loving family, my greying old dog, Angus, and many friends who know if they’re ever in a corner, I have their backs.

What else is there to life?

I am proud we were able to get DerbyCares off the ground and help an elderly citizen focus on his health rather than mowing his lawn. I truly believe Derby can be great again, even if we simply help one person at a time.

Good luck to Mr. Petrino. I knew him from my high school days and I’m sure he’ll work even harder than I did for my constituents these past six years.

Good luck to Zeke and the new administration. What people may not realize is that Zeke and I spoke before the election. I told him face-to-face why I wouldn’t be supporting him. I also told him I would not hit below the belt (it’s just that as I age, my belt rides a little lower than his), but I’d hit him nonetheless.

Now that the election is over, I support him. I know he’ll be a fine Mayor and make good decisions.

Finally, the term “alderman” isn’t a lifetime title, so my FB page will be renamed to Alderman X (get it, ex-alderman) and may be a bit more edgy.

Don’t forget we have a DerbyCares project on November 18th and perhaps you’ll be able to Talk Derby To Me when you see me around town.


The writer represents Derby’s Second Ward on the Board of Aldermen.


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