‘CARES’ Helps Families Struggling With Addiction

This week’s podcast features Donna DeLuca and her son, Matt, the founders of The CARES Group, a support group for families dealing with addiction.

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CARES stands for “Community Addiction and Recovery Education and Support Group.”

DeLuca’s two sons, including Matt, were addicted to drugs for years.

DeLuca, a Newtown resident and retired school administrator, discovered that talking to other moms and families dealing with addiction helped her situation.

Matt, meanwhile, has a few years clean and has dedicated himself to helping other addicts.

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The CARES Group has a chapter in Shelton, and is establishing another chapter in Southbury-Oxford.

Click this link to read a story from The Rep-Am.

Call 855-406-0246 to reach the group, or visit www.thecaresgroup.org.

The Shelton chapter meets at the Echo Hose Training Center every Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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