CT Dems: Romano’s ‘Unhinged’ Commentary Is Cover For Klarides

The following press release is from the state Democratic Party:

In response to J.R. Romano’s release, it’s abundantly clear that he is grasping at straws as he tries to distract from the fact that Representative Themis Klarides — whom he is actively promoting for governor — has consistently voted against issues important to Connecticut women.

  • 60 percent of minimum-wage earners in Connecticut are women, but Representative Klarides voted against raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.
  • While women living near the poverty line often have to risk losing their job to stay home and care for a sick child, Representative Klarides voted against guaranteeing paid sick time for Connecticut workers.
  • When President Trump — whom she steadfastly supports — put forward a budget that would have a devastating impact on lower-income victims of domestic and sexual violence, Representative Klarides was silent, refusing to speak out against these heartless and dangerous cuts.

“Let me be very clear: Connecticut Republicans have a big problem and they know it,” said Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Michael Mandell. “Donald Trump and the national GOP are directly attacking Connecticut women and working families, and legislative Republicans have done almost nothing to stand up. This unhinged and dishonest press release from the chairman is an attempt to provide political cover for a legislative leader — and steadfast Trump supporter with a record on issues impacting women that is spotty at best.”

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