Derby Alderman: Vote For Jaumann

I write this letter to give the constituents of Ansonia and Derby an inside look at Joe Jaumann as he runs for State Representative in the 104th District.

Although I have only worked with Joe for the past year in my official capacity, I have spent time with him and his family as they tirelessly go through this campaign. 

On a professional level, Joe has been a moving force on the Board of Aldermen in the City of Ansonia, and has brought several of his ideas to me for consideration in the City of Derby. I can honestly say that Joe is one that thinks outside of mainstream politics, while still being responsible to the people he serves. His fresh ideas all have merit and I often wonder how he can start with a simple idea during a short conversation, and have a complete plan that makes fiscal and responsible sense shortly thereafter.

One such idea was the creation of the Ansonia/Derby Regional School Committee. This committee is studying the ways that not only Ansonia can save, but also how Derby can save on a regional services sharing basis. 

Living and serving in the Valley, Joe recognizes the struggles of the middle class families trying to make ends meet, seniors living on fixed incomes, and the opportunities for our young adults as they start their future. Joe knows that economic growth in the Valley, coupled with the State becoming fiscally responsible, will make these issues less of a concern, and is ready to fight for our overlooked communities in Hartford. 

On a personal level, I have spent time with Joe and his young family. They are all involved in community activities, and assist Joe in his campaign. Seeing Joe interact with his family and hearing the passion he has when he speaks about giving them a better life and a brighter future makes me a believer in Joe and his determination to work hard to assist not only his family, but also those that he serves.

Joe’s drive to make things better for all he serves, and his fresh new ideas, allows him to stand out from other mainstream thinking opponents as the best choice in this election. I ask you to vote on November 6, 2018 to elect Joe Jaumann as State Representative in the 104th District.

Charles Sampson
Board of Aldermen/Alderwomen
City of Derby

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