Letter: Dugatto Has The Experience, Dedication Derby Needs

I have been the head of the Derby Cultural Commission for a few years. I was not going to write anything because most know how I feel, however I had to speak up for a few reasons.

After attending the debate I have come to realize many do not understand how this city works, not even Mr. Dziekan. I must say, we are not Ansonia! Derby is a beautiful, friendly, community and family driven place that is beginning to create our future by holding tight to our roots.

Dziekan’s answers at the debate solidified my choice completely about who I feel should run this city. At the top of my list was his naiveté at how many hours and how much time Mayor Anita puts into this city. I personally have seen her up at 5 a.m. helping us park vendors for Derby Day to sitting in on a meeting until 9.

Maybe Mr. Dziekan will work full time, but Mayor Anita works more than full time, is he willing to put on her shoes and work 80 hours a week. I doubt it because at the debate he seemed shocked when she said her job is 24/7.

The things the Mayor and her team have done have put us in a better light with higher powers in this state, which in turn puts us more in line to receive grants and assistance.

When Anita took office we had many complaints and lawsuits, some from EPA, DEEP, FBI all being hresolved by this administration.

Don’t forget with the WPCA upgrade we are no longer worried about spilling sewage into our rivers and can trust in our sewer systems and infrastructure.

The LED lighting has been gifted to us by UI to upgrade all the lighting in the city and because of discussions with the mayor it is going to be done sooner, with more being added to Anson, Fifth, and that area.

The streets in the city that have been an issue in the past are being repaired Emmett Ave, Derby Ave, Gilbert St, old New Haven, New Haven Ave (behind House of bones), sidewalks now on Chatfield, and many others.

Anita is a great mayor because she allows her team and staff to do the jobs they do best without micromanaging. This being seen by the great job Dr. Conway is doing in the board of Ed and Mr. Defala and his amazing work at public works.

Which brings me to the thought when Mr. Dziekan asked at the debate how the mayor could possibly handle all her mayoral work and her business. Well, just like in this city she has appointed and hired well qualified, competent, people to assist her.

This city needs a mayor that will follow thru with the plans that we all pitched in at the meetings to create, not someone who will push for a merger with another town. We are Derby and are beginning to see our city grow and change for the better, let’s keep it that way.

I know who I will cast my vote for in this election and I urge all my Derby neighbors to do your research before you hit the polls because a lot of misinformation has been told and you deserve to know the truth.

The writer lives in Derby.

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