Letter: Klarides-Ditria Will Fight For Us

I am proud to call Nicole Klarides-Ditria our State Representative. Nicole is a genuine, good hearted person, that always puts people above politics. I applaud Nicole for her challenging first-term in office and for standing up for the residents of Beacon Falls, Seymour, and Derby. 

Nicole entered office with the state facing a fiscal crisis and a governor who wanted to slash education funding and municipal funding to our communities. In addition, Nicole faced a majority party that wanted to place taxes on tires, cell phones, and restaurants.

The good thing for us is Nicole stood her ground and prevented the governor and the majority party from taxing us more and cutting much-needed funding for our communities and children. 

Nicole and the House and Senate Republicans were able to change the mindset of a few Democrats in Hartford to pass bipartisan budgets that didn’t raise taxes or implement tolls. 

Without Nicole’s hard work and willingness to work across the aisle taxpayers would have been hit hard by another tax increase by Governor Dan Malloy. 

No matter who our governor is next year, we can count on Nicole to fight for us. Let’s re-elect our bipartisan State Representative Nicole Klarides-Ditria.

Michael Krenesky

The writer is a Beacon Falls Selectman and Chairman of the Beacon Falls Republican Town Committee.

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